Ace’s Angels

Ace’s Angels is an auditioned a cappella group made of exclusively of treble voices (soprano and alto in an SATB choir). They perform a mix of a cappella styles, with a focus on contemporary a cappella.

Ace’s Angels will not run this year.

Ace’s Angels

  Ace’s Angels
 Soprano Tenor
75 Anna Barnett
89 Kat Dee
95 Meredith Meyer
84 Aviva Schuh
90 Rachel Forman
78 Emily Grace
82 Brigit O’Bannon
83 Annie Quinn
97 Cornelia Strauss
Alto Bass
88 Gabby Barrett
90 Sophie Fiks
92 Hannah Heller
94 Jaimie Lim
85 Madeleine Shalaby
76 Liv Bartrand
93 Helena Koerner
81 Emma Noel
96 Layla Palmer